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Happy Holidays

25 Dec

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and abundant holiday season.

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Law of Attraction – Positivity Tools

4 Dec

Positivity breeds abundance! With regards to the law of attraction we have heard the “feel good now” mantra many times from many different people. One of the keys to staying positive is being thankful for what we already have. We can do this with several tools, quotes are a great source of inspiration from prolific people, law of attraction affirmations are great motivation that come from your own consciousness. Affirmations of gratitude are an easy place to start. Being positive now leads to an abundant, positive future.

 “We all fall into states of sadness from time-to-time given life’s occasional lemons. But did you know that we all have the ability to look to our mind for ways to not only dissolve that sadness, but to cultivate such a positive state of mind that we won’t fall easily back into melancholia?”

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5 Ways To Cultivate Positive Energy

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