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The Law of Attraction and God

30 Nov
There are some who believe that choosing to use the law of attraction and having a firm belief in God are sacrilegious. I have always likened both beliefs to be one in the same. The universe, God and everything in existence is the same entity. The simple truth is that if your thoughts are good then everything else in your life will be positive. Positive thoughts can only lead to benevolent existence.
I want to share this excerpt:
I call this formula the Process of Personal Creation — what some people call the “Law of Attraction” — and it does not render God obsolete, but exactly the opposite. It makes our experience of God more present, more relevant, and more real than ever.”
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World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner Uses the Law of Attraction!

27 Nov

I’am not a gambler myself, but I do believe that if used for the greater good and to serve others that the law of attraction will grant us anything we wish.  With that being said I had to share this story of a poker player who went from down and out to a winner, seemingly overnight. 

“Weissman won nearly $700,000 in prize money — enough power alone to push him to 72nd in this year’s Player of the Year race. But Weissman claims he had a bit of inside information about the tournament: He knew he was going to win.

Weissman explained his premonition to Card Player, his visualizations of winning, as well as the “law of attraction” and why balance is the key to poker success.”


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The Power of Optimism – Soichiro Honda

27 Nov

The law of attraction dogma that optimism and being positive can only bring more good into your life could not be more truthful or obvious!  

Just look at the story of Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motors. I first read his story in the Tony Robbins book Notes From a Friend , some 15 years ago. Honda’s story is beyond incredible, from developing the piston ring to the motorcycle and finally Honda Motor Corp. All this while enduring setbacks from the Great Depression to World War Two. 

I was reminded of  this great story this morning when I came across this wonderful inspiring article about his life and his optimism! 

“In 1956, Soichiro presented a standard job description of The Three Joys that every single employee had to learn. The first joy was the joy of producing and manufacturing great quality cars. The second joy was the joy of a seller when a buyer purchases a Honda product. The third joy is the joy of the buyer. The buyer has to be in a state of delight when purchasing a Honda product. Soichiro’s mind’s eye saw joy in everything.” 

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A Deeper Understanding of Love

23 Nov
Many of us apply the law of attraction while seeking a relationship or use it to enhance our current relationship. While the first fundamental step is understanding ourselves first, it would be wise to understand the various stages of love as well.
“Within every love story hides the wooing of the gods and goddesses. This is one area of life where the practical meets the mythical. For many people the experience of romantic love is their first experience of spirituality, although they may not know it.”
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Adapted from Deepak Chopra’s Kama Sutra
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Irony or Proof?

23 Nov


 A Zambian author named Miyanda Maimbo wrote this great short article on the true power of desire and positive thinking to get and interview with ……Bob Proctor!
If you are one of the very few people who are reading this and don’t know who Bob is, I will let Mrs Maimbo explain!
This may be delicious irony, but is it?
I believe it is proof!
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The Power of Rhonda Bryne!

23 Nov
The Power is the sequel to the massively successful book and film The Secret. While not seemingly as popular in Law of Attraction circles as its predecessor the book does offer the same great uplifting feeling as The Secret.
“Rhonda Byrne follows up her international bestseller, The Secret, by taking the power of positive thinking beyond the Law of Attraction in her latest book, The Power. Whether you are looking for a little nudge to help you seize the moment, follow your passion, or lead a more joyful life, Rhonda encourages us to take control of our feelings and frequency so that we can become the architects of our lives.”
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‘ThePower’ (‘The Secret’ Sequel): 24 Inspirational Quotes from RhondaByrne’s New Book

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Law of Attraction Quotes – William Walker Atkinson

6 Nov

“The mind has been likened to a piece of paper that has been folded. Ever afterwards it has a tendency to fold in the same crease–unless we make a new crease or fold, when it will follow the last lines.” – William Walker Atkinson

Negative = more negative, make sure you are on the positive frequency. Smile! Feel good NOW!

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